Alcoholism detoxification

The drug is one of the major curses to any society. For any drug addict, it is impossible to get out of the curse until there is no proper procedure followed. It is hard for an addict to treat the addiction; it can involve a number of physical and psychological aspects as well. Any of the drug rehabilitation centers need to have all the proper and required facilities that help addicts to recover from the addiction.

Commonly, people consider rehabilitation centers a lockup or jail for the addicts. Some of the people call these places a torture center because they think and heard about the stories. However, all these stories and thoughts are based on myths. Rehabilitation centers seem to be a helping place for the addicts to help them getting better using multiple physicals, medical, psychological, and social aids. Here are some common myths explained about the rehabilitation centers.

Isolated environment

There is a common myth about the rehabilitation centers that patients are isolated at these places into darkness. In fact, things are the opposite; in rehab centers, patients get out of their dark zone of addiction. All the patients are open to communicate and socialize with each other and their special attendants. It helps them to understand what has been wrong with them and how they can get out of it. Moreover, the special sessions help them to get out of their social and psychological isolation.

Physical or mental torture

Sometimes people do report physical or mental tortures at the rehabilitation centers due to their lack of knowledge and understanding. For an addiction patient, it is never too easy to get out of trouble easily. Drugs have deep and strong penetration in the body and minds as well. During the treatment, patients have to control their thrive for drugs and this is where they have to fight. During these procedures, patients go through multiple conditions:


Physical aches

Psychological pressures

Intense physical changes

Aggression and fits

Hallucinations and more

Controlling this situation sometimes calls for lockdown and extreme acts as well to make sure things will be in control. Externally these things are pronounced as torture but eventually, for the worst cases, these things are sometimes important. Taking forceful control is the last and least option that rehab centers use.

Extreme compulsions

Another common myth about the rehabilitation centers is the compulsions on the patients. The perception is wrong that patients are not allowed to do anything; in fact, they are encouraged to participate in multiple healthy activities. The rehabilitation centers have a complete plan for the daily activities and they are engaging the patients in such activities. It helps the patients to gain self-esteem, confidence, and socialize.

Things are actually 360 degrees opposite!

The common perceptions about rehabilitation centers are totally opposite to reality. These are the places with strategic planning and stable ideologies to encourage the ultimate rehabilitation of addiction patients

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