Why people need psychological counseling?

Mental illness has now become a global problem. Increasing figures of the suffering patients have now alarmed health practitioners to focus on the treatment of these issues. Mental illness badly affects the physical health of the patient. There are a lot of reasons behind the mental condition of the patient may be their family problems, income issues, or many other crises. Life is challenging for every person somewhere in their life. Some individuals are mentally strong, they do not become a victim instead face the issues with courage while some individuals are not enough strong. They cannot handle their situation properly but starts taking stress. Soon they enter into a long depression phase which needs proper treatment and counseling to end. World health organizations are now introducing various programs to motivate patients to visit psychiatrists and get proper therapy. These are not the issues that can be handled at home by yourself and not the shameful matter to be discussed. People are also now aware as compared to the previous ratio.

Psychological counselor

A psychological counselor is a medical specialist who can treat your mental issues effectively. It is our responsibility to go for treatment if we feel such problems of anxiety, depression, and behavioral disturbance. Due to these conditions, the person not alone suffers but also disturbs his family and friends. There are many centers that are working for mentally poor conditioned patients. They have a team of medical specialists and psychologists who treat such patients.

Koshish clinic is also a center that is contributing its role towards a healthy community. They have expert psychologists which are experienced to treat even severely addicted patients. koshish has all the facilities to treat a patient by admitting him to the center and also provide after-treatment care. It is the leading best Psychological service in Lahore which is accepting severely affected patients across the country. When patients are admitted to the center, they are given proper medicines after diagnosing their condition and get them involved in healthy habits. Along with the counseling sessions, medicines, and healthy activities, when the patient is discharged he is a normal person with a healthy lifestyle.

3 Reasons to Visit a counselor

Visiting a psychological counselor can help to improve the condition of the patient in a short time. The challenging part before starting the treatment is to convince the patient to regularly visit the practitioner. Counseling is effective only in the condition when a patient has a good bond with the counselor and he shares all the things in mind without any filter. He visits the counselor regularly if he is not admitted to the hospital. It has many benefits for the patients.

  • Treat your depression

Depression is the most discussed topic now a day because of the increasing ratio of patients. It is a time of competition; everyone wants to win the race but it is not possible due to many reasons. Some individuals become the victim of depression due to their family issues, economical crises, or any trauma. A counselor can help you to manage all these problems.

  • Get out of your crises

If you have faced an accident or trauma or passed recently from a crisis, your mental condition will disturb and it is not in your control but getting treatment can help to cure the condition. So it is important to visit the counselor as soon as possible. He will diagnose your condition after taking an introductory session with you. it may be long but will help to make a treatment plan which should be followed in the future. Crises leave a strong effect on some patient’s minds but go away with proper treatment. some also need after-treatment care so that their condition remains stable.

  • Leave bad habits like addiction

Many individuals become the victim of alcoholism and drug addiction in their life. After they get habituated they are not able to leave it even when they want to get rid of it. An expert counselor can motivate the person and induce the wish to live a happy life by leaving bad habits. Some patient recovers soon with counseling sessions even without medicines.


The drug is one of the major curses to any society. For any drug addict, it is impossible to get out of the curse until there is no proper procedure followed. It is hard for an addict to treat the addiction; it can involve a number of physical and psychological aspects as well. Any of the drug rehabilitation centers need to have all the proper and required facilities that help addicts to recover from the addiction.

Commonly, people consider rehabilitation centers a lockup or jail for the addicts. Some of the people call these places a torture center because they think and heard about the stories. However, all these stories and thoughts are based on myths. Rehabilitation centers seem to be a helping place for the addicts to help them getting better using multiple physicals, medical, psychological, and social aids. Here are some common myths explained about the rehabilitation centers.

Isolated environment

There is a common myth about the rehabilitation centers that patients are isolated at these places into darkness. In fact, things are the opposite; in rehab centers, patients get out of their dark zone of addiction. All the patients are open to communicate and socialize with each other and their special attendants. It helps them to understand what has been wrong with them and how they can get out of it. Moreover, the special sessions help them to get out of their social and psychological isolation.

Physical or mental torture

Sometimes people do report physical or mental tortures at the rehabilitation centers due to their lack of knowledge and understanding. For an addiction patient, it is never too easy to get out of trouble easily. Drugs have deep and strong penetration in the body and minds as well. During the treatment, patients have to control their thrive for drugs and this is where they have to fight. During these procedures, patients go through multiple conditions:


Physical aches

Psychological pressures

Intense physical changes

Aggression and fits

Hallucinations and more

Controlling this situation sometimes calls for lockdown and extreme acts as well to make sure things will be in control. Externally these things are pronounced as torture but eventually, for the worst cases, these things are sometimes important. Taking forceful control is the last and least option that rehab centers use.

Extreme compulsions

Another common myth about the rehabilitation centers is the compulsions on the patients. The perception is wrong that patients are not allowed to do anything; in fact, they are encouraged to participate in multiple healthy activities. The rehabilitation centers have a complete plan for the daily activities and they are engaging the patients in such activities. It helps the patients to gain self-esteem, confidence, and socialize.

Things are actually 360 degrees opposite!

The common perceptions about rehabilitation centers are totally opposite to reality. These are the places with strategic planning and stable ideologies to encourage the ultimate rehabilitation of addiction patients



The social acceptance of drinking can make alcohol addiction hard to spot. Despite its legal status, alcohol’s potential for abuse opens users up to many health risks and possible addiction.


No medications have been found effective for cannabis dependence as of 2014. The most commonly accessed forms of treatment are 12-step programs, physicians, rehabilitation programs, and detox services.


Treating an addiction to heroin usually involves therapy, medication, support groups and lifestyle changes. These treatments are available at both inpatient and outpatient treatment centers.


Drug addiction is a chronic, often relapsing brain disease that causes compulsive drug seeking and use, despite harmful consequences to the drug addict and those around them. drug addiction is a brain disease because the abuse of drugs leads to changes in the structure and function of the brain.


Making the decision to find treatment for cocaine addiction is the first step toward recovery. It’s also the most important step. Treatment for cocaine addiction often includes behavioral therapy and inpatient rehabilitation.


Addiction is commonly referred to drugs or alcohol. The limited reference to the addiction makes us limited with its outcomes and possible threats coming on way. It is not necessary that a person can only be addicted to drugs or alcohol. Addiction can be of any type, it can be food, medicine, activity and even work. There are people out there who cannot keep a balance between their work life and personal space. There are people who cannot get rid of food, desserts, drinks and some of the people are addicted to even internet. Definitely, we can find a number of internet addicts these days commonly. However, they so not know that they need addiction management support. For you, it is important to find out when you need to react on your addictions.

Getting obsessed with a specific thing

When you are getting obsessed with a specific thing or task and feels like you cannot survive without that one thing is an alarming situation. As humans, we need to keep up a balance in our lives. It helps to pay attention to all the necessary tasks and grow well. When we get stick to one dimension, it is going to make things wrong on our side.

Feeling lack of satisfaction

To have a happy and balance life, you need satisfaction. If you are not getting satisfaction in what you are doing or want to have more of it every time then you need clinical help as addiction management support. You are an addict and there is a support available for you to get out of the trouble. Sometimes it can be temporary but when it lasts for months, the situation is critical and you need to consult the psychiatrist.

No having a proper lifestyle

A proper lifestyle is about having a good balance of work, socialization and personal timings. When you are disturbing, any of these major parts of your life it means you are losing up the balance. You have to make sure that you will keep up a good check on your routine and the time you invest into activities to identify the problem.

Look up for addiction management support

When you are feeling any of the mentioned problems, it is the time to take action and approach a rehabilitation center. There you will be able to control over the addiction and issues related to it. Addiction Rehabs not only work for drug addicts but also help the people who need support to get out of the specific trouble. Koshish Clinic brings you the best of counseling and addiction management support treatments for any kind of issues you are facing. Contact us to get real help with your real issues.


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